On March 14th, the One Ton Challenge is coming to Eagle Cap CrossFit.

On that day, you and all your strong friends, will build to a 1 rep max in the snatch, clean, jerk, squat, deadlift, and bench press.

This event will start at 8am and end at 4pm.

The lifts will go in the following order

1. Squat 2. Snatch 3. Clean 4. Jerk 5. Bench Press 6. Deadlift

You will have 30 minutes to build to a max weight for day in each lift. At the end of all six lifts, you will add up the total, setting a benchmark for the One Ton Challenge.

Eagle Cap CrossFit will be launching an 8-week training program to prepare you for the event. This program, “One Ton Strong,” will take you through the 6 lifts, technique work, percentages, and accessory exercise you need to perform on game day.

To register for the One Ton Challenge,click on, or ask a coach for details. Please be sure to enter the coupon code EAGLE100 at checkout as we will send a separate invoice from Wodify. The cost of registration is $50. Your registration will not be deemed complete until payment is received, and waiver is signed. Prize money will be reflective of total enrollment. Since we have limited spots available, there are no refunds or cancellations.

Let’s Get Strong!!

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